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    Manufacturing Facilities

    Our commitment to producing a range of food products that are loved and trusted by a nation drives us to ensure quality and safety from farm to market.

Manufacturing Capabilities

KFP’s ability to consistently manufacture a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products is underpinned by the strength of its manufacturing capabilities. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are designed to ensure compliance to relevant food safety standards and certifications, which in turn is a key source of competitive advantage.  

The group has continued to invest in enhancing its manufacturing capabilities, including the infrastructure, technology and quality control processes in line with its strategic growth aspirations. 

Manufacturing Plants

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are one of the best in Sri Lanka with advanced technology to run all our operations. There are two manufacturing plants currently carrying out the production of our delicious and legendary products.

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    • Workers in Food Manufacturing Process in Factory
    • Food Manufacturing Process at Keells Food Products Plc
    • Workers in Food Manufacturing Process in Factory
  • Pannalla Manufacturing Plant

    With an annual capacity of over 5,000 Metric Tons, our most recent manufacturing facility located in Panalla is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and manufactures a range of chicken and fish-based products. The factory also boasts of a dry plant which manufactures the dry range of Keells Krest products, including Soya Meat, with an annual capacity of over 500 Metric Tons. 

  • Ekala Manufacturing Plant 

    The Ekala manufacturing plant is responsible for the manufacturing of the Keells Krest crumbed range products including that of formed meat, chinese rolls, toppings and sauces with an annual capacity of over 1,000 Metric Tons. Furthermore the plant also manufactures the Elephant House range of processed meats and value-added raw meats with too an annual capacity of over 1,000 Metric Tons. 

    • Ekala Manufacturing Plant staff members

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